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Hey there:) So you want to know a bit about me? Here goes! To begin with I am a quilter – obviously – with a significant fabric hoarding issue:) I love to create with fabric so here I am to share some of my creations with you.

I have an Etsy shop where I sell fabric: etsy.com/shop/meanderingthread. I started that in 2010 and it has been a fun ride. Now it’s time to get back to more making and less business. I’ve hired some help for the fabric end to free up my time to make quilts, as well as offering kits for those of you who are also addicted to quilting. Facts are a house can only use so many quilts and I want to keep sewing so this is a perfect option.

I have been featured in several magazines over the years (see the “in the media” section). It is quite fun to see my designs in print. Time has prevented me from doing much in the past couple of years however. The deadlines can be demanding.

My plan now is to make whatever my heart desires. I will take some custom work each year but on a limited basis. My experience is that it can take up all my time and not leave me with the freedom I now desire. I do custom T-shirt quilts as well; an endeavor that spiraled a bit out of control unexpectedly. I still enjoy it but I do only 8-10 each year now. I crave variety so I’ve had to put limits on them.

A little of my history – I’m a highly overeducated quilter:) I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Speech Communication Disorders and a master’s degree in Physical Therapy at which I worked for 10 years. I loved many aspects of this but I’m not cut out to deal with administrations, insurance companies, and people who go out of their way to make life difficult for others. The patients I miss, the science I miss. But working for myself fits and I’m grateful that I was able to make the transition.

My daughter was 4 when I quit PT. We moved to Iowa (home) and I homeschooled her and worked just a little quilting for others for spending money. My baby is 18 now – she’s been attending community college for 2 years and works quite a bit so my time is freed up.

I started this business working out of my home which was fine to begin. I originally had one 12 x 15 room that contained everything…but it was full. By the time I moved to a studio space in April 2014 I had expanded to every single available space in my home including the main living room! It was insane. And we had 2 big dogs, 6 cats, 2 rabbits, and 2 dumbo rats. So, fur everywhere!

Now I am fur free (and smoke free) in a 1000 square foot space with an amazing landlord. I have filled my space to the brim already but plan to make it work for awhile longer. Way too much work to move everything!

You will see that my shipping policies state that I will ship within 1-3 working days. I have learned that I absolutely cannot be a slave to my studio and business (I have tried). Working for yourself can consume every second and life is far too important to allow that. I have to carve out time for my husband and daughter as well as running, cross fit, and generally taking care of me. I have learned that there are very few true “fabric or quilt crises”:) That may seem like sacrilege to some of you but at 52 years old I have a new and improved perspective:)
I do expedite shipping whenever asked if it is possible.

We are traveling more now so there will be times when I cannot answer all questions immediately. I do have a couple of employees who cover the studio when I am away. What a wonderful addition that has made!!

Well if you made it this far I’m impressed:) I will hush now – you know the basics about me. I hope you enjoy browsing this site. It has been a goal for many years – thanks to a wonderful friend it is finally up and running.

Let me know if you have any questions about my quilts (or kits).

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